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0014790Open Gaming Network[All Projects] OGN Wordpress Pluginpublic2019-10-20 19:32
ReportermattAssigned Tomatt 
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Summary0014790: New ajax control to reparent an existing page.
DescriptionThe "parent page" drop-down is currently restricted to the top 2-3 levels of the site, as d20pfsrd's page count is too much for the system at either end (server+browser) to handle.

Longer-term, this ought to be replaced with an ajax system, but in the meantime check the total page count before limiting, so the other sites get a full page list with all levels.

Also note, this probably should be restricted to admins only - we don't want editors moving stuff just to reorganize it, as it'll break URLs in PDFs.
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2018-05-07 15:49

administrator   ~0001963

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Looking through the wordpress code, this seems more complicated than at first thought. There's no way to filter the list of parent pages available, so instead we'll need our own ajax-powered "reparent" control in the place of it, which isn't a small job.


2019-10-20 19:32

administrator   ~0002149

Closing issue, as new sites organize content by content type, rather than in folders. Migration of older sites to the new system will be a better use of the time than adding a band-aid to the folder-oriented sites.

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