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0015078: [Mantis] Improve auto-tagging of issues (matt)
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0015382: [General] Archetype table not completely visible (matt)
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0015062: [Mantis] Grab user agent string during fault reports (matt)
0014658: [Mantis] Use tags to identify SRD (matt)
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0015006: [User Accounts System] New editor signup page (matt)
0014996: [User Accounts System] API Call to view logged-in users (matt)
0014991: [User Accounts System] Add attribute/field storage to users (matt)
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0014990: [General] Add "content type" to page (matt)
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0014797: [User Accounts System] User Registrations (matt)
0014896: [General] Link back to homepage in site bar (matt)
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0014929: [General] link logs me into someones account (matt)
0014895: [Mantis] Add captcha to mantis reporting page to prevent spam (matt)
0014771: [User Accounts System] Migrate admins to new LDAP login system (matt)
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0014770: [User Accounts System] Add LDAP Password reset system (matt)
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0014719: [General] links print URLs (matt)
0014774: [General] Remove borders on Adsense blocks (matt)
0014722: [General] Add Title field to Subpage listings (matt)
0014796: [General] Solid Underline on Links (matt)
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0014758: [General] Restore Favicon from original site (matt)
0014761: [User Accounts System] User Login System (matt)
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