Scheduled For Release 2100-01-01
0015073: [Mantis] Move Mantis to OGN authentication (matt)
0014724: [OGN Wordpress Plugin] Add ability to turn off "back to top" links per-page (matt)
0014723: [OGN Wordpress Plugin] Add title to TOC (matt)
0014655: [OGN Wordpress Plugin] Search opens new tabs (matt)
0015019: [OGN Wordpress Plugin] CSS files for print output (matt)
0015022: [OGN Wordpress Plugin] Show date available on scheduled pages (matt)
0014682: [Mantis] User Issue Tracking (matt)
0014826: [General] Subitems in left sidebar are not ordered properly (matt)
0015374: [OGN Wordpress Plugin] Front-end menu creates back-end load on server (matt)
0015382: [General] Archetype table not completely visible (matt)
0016063: [OGN Wordpress Plugin] Allow [query-pages] to specify multiple fields (matt)
0014658: [Mantis] Use tags to identify SRD (matt)
0015093: [SRD Theme] Floating TOC (matt)
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