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Summary0016329: Incorrect feats on three Red Dragon age categories
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The Very Old Red Dragon, Wyrm Red Dragon, and Great Wyrm Red Dragon have an incorrect feat - they have Stunning Critical instead of Staggering Critical. The Ancient Red Dragon, which is in between those age categories, and which is the only one of those four age categories that's actually printed in the bestiary, correctly has Staggering Critical instead.

The stat blocks for these three red dragon age categories were seemingly assembled by d20pfsrd staff, using the build rules from the bestiary. The build rules from the bestiary don't actually instruct you on which feats to pick, but the ancient red dragon, which is actually printed in full by Paizo, has the Staggering Critical feat. Therefore, it's perfectly reasonable to give that feat to these other three age categories as well. Stunning Critical has Staggering Critical as a prerequisite, and therefore none of these dragons qualify for it. I believe that the d20pfsrd staff simply mistyped the name of the feat when creating the stat blocks for the very old, wyrm, and great wyrm red dragon pages, and meant to give those dragons the same feat that the ancient red dragon has.


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