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Summary0016283: Simple Typo on "Dwarf" race page.
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by Michael
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Under "Standard Racial Traits" there is a trait called "Stonecunning." I believe this is correct.
Under "Alternate Racial Traits" there is a trait called "Treasure Sense", which is described as follows:
"Treasure Sense (2 RP): Some dwarves have learned to sense the presence of material wealth with dragonlike precision. This ability functions as scent, except it can detect only precious metals (copper, silver, and gold) and creatures primarily made of such materials. This trait replaces stability and stonecutting."

Stonecutting is not a dwarven racial trait. I do not own the book "Pathfinder Player Companion: Legacy of Dragons" so I can't confirm whether the typo exists in the source material or not, but there is a difference between "Stonecunning" and "Stonecutting".

My suggested solution is to change "Treasure Sense" to say "This trait replaces stability and STONECUNNING"

Here is the page affected:


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