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Summary0016143: Inaccurate Benefit for the "Covering Fire" Feat
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by Jonathan Blake
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On the Combat Feats page, the Benefit section for "Covering Fire" lists the Benefits as "You can use the aid another action with a ranged attack against an opponent, regardless of whether the opponent threatens an ally."

While the benefits of "Covering Fire" are similar to the Aid Another action, it isn't explicitly part of the Aid Another action (which may be confusing as there are certain items, class features, traits, etc. which specifically modify the Aid Another action). Additionally, the "Covering Fire" Feat activates when a character successfully hits their opponent with a ranged attack. This is unlike the Aid Another action which is itself usually a standard action, and so would rarely accompany any attack action(s). Finally, the Aid Another action can either add a +2 bonus to your ally's next attack or grant your ally a +2 bonus to their AC. "Covering Fire" does neither of these two things, and so the Benefits listed on the Combat Feats page may mislead readers into thinking that "Covering Fire" behaves differently than it actually does.


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