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0015960Open Gaming Network[All Projects] OGN Wordpress Pluginpublic2021-01-19 15:26
ReportermattAssigned Tomatt 
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Summary0015960: Subpage changes do not cause parent page to refresh
DescriptionWhen a subpage is added or removed, the parent page is not wiped from the cache to force a rebuild.
Additional InformationCurrent workaround - edit parent page, make a minor edit such as adding a space, and save - this forces a rebuild of that page.
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2020-07-20 02:10

administrator   ~0002199

This looks fairly complex to fix. It's near-impossible to determine which pages have a subpage listing with any given page in it.
Instead, it looks like it might be better to ajax-load subpage listings, with a shorter duration cache (say, an hour) on the ajax call. This means quite a bit of additional code, however, so looks like a longer-term fix.


2021-01-19 15:26

administrator   ~0002229

Work this into the new [query-pages] system

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