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Summary0015957: Missing vital paragraph for Divine Attunement
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by Khloe Everleigh
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On the Variant Magic Rules section, under the spell points magic system link, the entire first paragraph from the section Divine Attunement is missing. This is the paragraph that explicitly states how many spells a divine caster 'knows' under this system. Without it they have access to every single spell on their spell list without limitation. The paragraph is included below from the source book produced by Super Genius Games, titled Houserule Handbooks - Spellpoints Compilation, Page 5:

Divine preparation spellcasters (such as clerics, druids, paladins, and rangers) must attune themselves to specific aspects of the power of
their deities (or whatever power grants them their spells) in order to be able to use their own mystic power to cast spells. While there is no limit to what spells these divine spellcasters have access to, they can’t be attuned to every conceivable spell at once. For each spell level they can cast above 0 level spells, these divine casters are limited to being attuned to a number of spells equal to their Wisdom score. (Not their Wisdom modifier, but the actual full ability score). Spell attunement takes place when the spellcasters pray or meditate to regain spellpoints for the day. Some classes are always considered attuned to one or more set of spells (such as a cleric’s domain spells), and these do not count against a divine spellcaster’s total attunement limit.



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