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Summary0015705: Cape of the mountebank has the wrong caster level
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The cape of the mountebank uses dimension door (4th-level spell) once per day (divide cost by 5) at a caster level of 9. It is priced at 10,800 gp. Cost of an item that uses a 4th-level spell once per day is 4 x 7 (minimum caster level) x 1,800 gp (command word) all divided by 5 (one use per day). This comes out to 10,080 gp. If the caster level was 9th, the cost would be 12,960. If you account for the cost of a masterwork cloak, 10,800 gp sounds about right for an item whose CL is 7th. The mistake is in the original text by Paizo.
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2019-11-12 04:38

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Can't change without an errata from Paizo.

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