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Summary0015287: Armor of the Pit/Scaled Skin benefits confusion
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This may not be an error, but I'd like clarification, and perhaps some updated descriptors on the AotP page to address it. Forewarning: I've never played Pathfinder, and am currently setting up my first character.

There doesn't seem to be any benefit whatsoever to having both Scaled Skin for Tieflings AND Armor of the Pit for Tieflings. In fact, it seems better to simply keep the default Fiendish Resistance and choose Armor of the Pit afterwards. I am aware that Natural Armor Bonuses do not stack, but this seems odd, especially since SS is specifically addressed by AotP's webpage as having Special Conditions.

For example:
A normal Tiefling has +5 Resistance to CLD, ELC, and FIR due to Fiendish Resistance
A Scaled Skin Tiefling has +5 Resistance to ONE elemental type, +1 AC, and loses Fiendish Resistance
An Armor of the Pit Tiefling has +5 Resistance to CLD, ELC, and FIR from Fiendish Resistance... and +2 AC!!! (This is clearly the best option!)
An AotP/SS Tiefling has +5 Resistance to CLD, ELC, and FIR from the AotP/SS synergy, but only +1 AC.

My question, then is: is the wording for these Traits/Feats correct? AotP obviously gives reduced synergy benefits with the current wording. Should it "enhance" the properties of SS, providing higher AC (+3 to be helpful), instead of stacking? Should it be granting more resistance than just +5, like increasing the total resistance for both to a cumulative +8 across the three elements?

I plan on bringing this point up with my first GM so we can decide on a suitable benefit, but also wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy. I read up on several pages quite thoroughly to make sure. If there is no error, can you make an FAQ entry on the AotP page like I've seen on other pages? Thank you in advance!




2018-12-17 13:56

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FAQs on this site are copies of FAQ provided by the publisher, we don't create them. There is no such FAQ on this.

The way you have understood the interaction between the feat and trait appears to be correct - it is a suboptimal combination. See for another discussion on the subject.

For the future, you're more likely to get answers to queries like this on the forum, rather than from a ticket!

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