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Summary0016046: Old text in grappled section of conditions.
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by Daniel Bessette
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In the conditions section (, there is text saying - "Casting Spells while Grappled/Grappling: The only spells which can be cast while grappling or pinned are those without somatic components and whose material components (if any) you have in hand. Even so, you must make a concentration check (DC 10 + the grappler’s CMB + the level of the spell you’re casting) or lose the spell."

This is incorrect. It is from the original printing of the CRB, from the concentration section of magic. However, an errata replaced that part of concentration with the text "Grappled or Pinned: Casting a spell while you have the grappled or pinned condition is difficult and requires a concentration check (DC 10 + the grappler’s CMB + the level of the spell you’re casting). Pinned creatures can only cast spells that do not have somatic components."

You have correctly made this change in the magic section of d20, but the grappled section in conditions still has the old text. The grappled section of conditions in the CRB DOES NOT HAVE THAT TEXT. It never had that text to begin with, since that's from the magic section, but especially does not have that text now after the errata replaced that part of the magic section. This text is misleading, in that is says, or at least heavily implies, that somatic components don't work when grappled, when that's only true while pinned.


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