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0015632Open Gaming Network[All Projects] Generalpublic2019-08-07 19:37
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Summary0015632: Unclickable links and add bars that block text.
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Near the top of the page approximately the second line down is a scrolling blank white bar on Firefox with adblock and the add scroll on Chrome. This conceals most of the page from the right of the menu under the Open Gaming Store image all the way to the far right of the page for between 1 line to 6 lines depending on the presence of the add or a blocker.

The Span Id fields for entries such as:
'Table: Small or Large Warpriest Sacred Weapon Damage' from the Warpriest class page for example
 seem to have excessive heights which cause the field to block access to links under them (such as the Blessings link being blocked by the 'Focus Weapon' entry. Most of the span ids for section headings and tables I've checked seem to be excessively tall on several class and feat table pages. So far I have only had this problem on D20pfsrd, and across multiple browsers. Span Id height seeming to be the problem after inspecting page elements and noticing the height reach of the boxes.

This issue seems to have started sometime around the 2nd of August 2019 as I had been using the combat feats page that morning and do not recall the problem being present at the time, however it had started on the 4th of August when I returned to the site.

Deleting the nodes for the Span Id 'clears' the issue but also, of course, clear the text in the field so is not really a fix.
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has duplicate 0015630 resolvedmatt Ad banner scrolls down, obscures content 



2019-08-07 19:36

administrator   ~0002133

CSS tweaked to remove floating ad banners and constrain the span overflow

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