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Summary0015577: I'm NOT seen editor, HELL I'm not EVEN kindergarten English teachers assistant... but, I have found a slight error...
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Her TITLE IS.... Devil, Lilith (Former Queen of Hell; 3pp)

***However, if you read her history. She is not "Former Queen of ANYTHING...." Other then "Former consort of Moloch". She sided with Lucifer against a rebellion. That is her claim to fame! Hell, she is NOT Queen of Infernus even! She wasn't even Arch-duchess of "Malebolge", Moloch's Realm! So her only other claim to fame is she is ONLY "one of Lucifer's concubines and chief officers (ruling and commanding several companies of lilins)." Also, she is constantly looking over her shoulder because another concubine is jealous of her...
 I do not want to sound like a dick. The creativity and pageantry is great ( though, having pictorial examples of critters couldn't hurt. Unless they are the comical ones like bobblehead goblins...), when I notice an error. Spelling or otherwise. I wonder how it got missed. Then, I notice how large your site is and think. Screw it! I'm going to send an error report. And here we are. It amazes me that I notice such small things! But I'm a 100% Disabled Veteran, so other then 24/7/365 pain, continuous doctors appointments, medical treatments, a cornucopia of medicines, surgeries with an "S" past and future, and anything else I've forgotten to mention here. How do I get by? Lots of medicine, including pain meds, muscle relaxers and nerve relaxers.... oh and medical marijuana! Yes, the best stuff Illinois makes! Which is better then anywhere else I've heard... well THIS ran off the tracks fast! Point being I have "SOME" reading time on my hands from time to time!

At any rate if you doubt my claim, I have copied & pasted Lilith's important parts of her history below for easy reference!

Lilith was once consort to Moloch, ruler of the 6th plane of Hell. When the Great Uprising that pitted Lucifer and his minions against Asmodeus and his minions occurred, Lilith sided with Lucifer. When Moloch heard of her betrayal he raged against her, nearly killing her. If not for the swift action of several of her lilins (who sacrificed themselves for her), she would have surely been killed. During the commotion and chaos, she was spirited away to a safe location by Xaphan.

When Lucifer constructed the plane of Infernus, Lilith had found her new home. She became a member of Lucifer’s court and serves as one of his concubines and chief officers (ruling and commanding several companies of lilins). Lucifer, as of late has taken a special interest in her and rumors abound that should he take a queen to rule beside him it will be Lilith. This has infuriated more than one of his consorts, especially Demoriel who jealously wants the throne of Infernus and Lucifer all to herself. Lilith knows of Demoriel’s jealousy and always keeps an open eye on her (including planting several spies in Demoriel’s camp).

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