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Summary0015408: Spell Blending Magus Arcana Inconsistent Descriptions
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In the list of Magus Arcana, the short description reads "Choose to learn a lower level wizard spell instead of a magus spell".

This is misleading, as the long description on the specific page for this arcana reads "When a magus selects this arcana, he must select one spell from the wizard spell list that is of a magus spell level he can cast. He adds this spell to his spellbook and list of magus spells known as a magus spell of its wizard spell level. He can instead select two spells to add in this way, but both must be at least one level lower than the highest-level magus spell he can cast".

The long description, which I assume is the correct one, indicates that the new spells neither replace a magus spell nor does it have to be lower, if only one is chosen. Thus, the short description implies a far inferior arcana.
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