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Summary0015119: Raven perception value wrong
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A raven with 15 wisdom and skill focus should have a +5 perception (if it didn't put its single skill rank in perception) or +9 if it did because it is a class skill. as fly is also a class skill but has the correct values for dex and size, the rank should be in perception and they forgot the +3 for it being a class skill.



2018-08-18 18:12

updater   ~0002012

Found the page that this issue is referencing

Unfortunately, I am unfamiliar with the specifics of Animal statistics, and I don't have access to the original source material, so I don't feel comfortable editing the issue myself.


2018-12-17 15:11

updater   ~0002063

I have a PDF of the source material, and it contains the same mistake. Not sure if we should fix it here or leave it incorrect as per the source.


2018-12-26 23:24

updater   ~0002080

Decided to change the value on here.

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